APAP Membership Dues through June 2022

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its many effects, APAP is offering the following membership payment options from now through June 2022:

  • Pay your regular annual membership dues in full, if you are able.
  • Pay 50% of your regular annual membership dues.
  • Pay annual base dues of $300.

If you would like to take advantage of one of the options listed above (and/or need an amended dues invoice), please contact our membership team at info@apap365.org. If none of the options outlined above meet your needs, we are happy to work with you to maintain your membership.

APAP Membership Directory

APAPNYC 2020 Saturday Plenary Dancing by Adam Kissick/APAP


The APAP Membership Directory allows our members to connect with one another. Members can be searched by organization or individual name. You can add search criteria such as city, state, genre and discipline.

APAP has created two tutorial videos to help you learn how to keep this information up to date.

Begin by using either the Search Membership Directory by Organization or Search Membership Directory by Individual tools below.

Can't see the Membership Directory below? Log in with your APAP member credentials or join APAP.